Chicago Weather Craziness

It’s supposed to be summer, and for the last few days it felt that way, but now we’re back at 60-something degrees and the sun is hiding. Being from Chicago, you’d think I’d be used to this on-again, off-again summer weather but it still trips me up. Our winters can be icy and mild while our summers can be harsh and way too hot. There’s this saying in my neighborhood, “If you don’t like the weather, wait,” meaning, give it a little time and the weather will most definitely change within the day.

So, what do we do when it’s 90 degrees one day and 60 degrees another? How do we navigate our crazy Chicago weather and still look good with the clothes we choose to wear? I’m a huge fan of layering. I’ll layer every single day in any season. Layering is great for a few reasons: 1) layering just looks cool. You’re able to mix and match a bunch of different styles at the same time so if you’re feeling a little creative that day, you’re covered and 2) if the weather changes, you’re clothing choices are flexible.

Good examples of layering can be shorts with sports tights under them, t-shirts with a thermal under, windbreakers with a t-shirt under, and the classic flip-flop sliders and socks. You really can’t go wrong with layering and we’ve actually got some great weather-changing choices for a day out in Pilsen or any Chicago neighborhood. Check out our long sleeve t-shirts, denim shorts, jogger shorts, hoodies, and jogging suits. At Definitive Selection, we’ve got you covered.

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