What Makes a Sneakerhead? by Artie McFly

I have always had a compulsion to collect     things. It started with action figures when I was   a kid and grew to Garbage Pail Kids trading   cards, Marvel and DC comics and anything   entertainment like CDs and DVDs. What can I   say? I liked accumulating things.

In the early 2000's I finally moved on to sneakers. There was something about Nike Dunks that really spoke to me and I started collecting them. I opened my mind (and my wallet) to Air Force 1s, Reebok Pumps, Vans, Pumas--pretty much anything that I thought was Fresh. Back then, collecting felt like a club I belonged to.

Like most things, being a Sneakerhead caught on and grew worldwide. Different subcultures were now adding their own flavor based on lifestyle, sports, skating, fashion...whatever. Now different ideologies were dictating what a Sneakerhead was. Did you need to own only a specific brand? How big was your collection?

None of that really matters to me. Who cares how many pairs you own or what brand they are or if they're even a limited edition or not. What matters is your love for the art form of sneakers and the colorful history that accompanies it.

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